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  Eddie Lee Brown - Principal Design Engineer  
  Past Projects  
bulletPrinted Circuit Board Design
bulletMultiple Layers                                                                                                                                   
bulletHigh Voltage Power Design
bulletDC/AC Power
bulletHigh Speed RF
bulletDigital Design
bulletAnalog Instrumentation Design
  Positions Held  
bulletSenior Staff Engineer                                                                 PurePulse Technologies       
    Manufacture of equipment for the inactivation of pathogens in blood plasma products and the sterilization of medical devices.    
bulletElectrical Engineering Dept. Manager                               General Dynamics    
 & Senior Staff Engineer
    Developer of High Power Lasers for satellite to submarine communications    
bulletSenior Staff Engineer                                                                 Maxwell Laboratories
Developer of pulse power modulators for commercial and defense applications
bulletMasters of Science Electrical Engineering                                Texas Tech University
bulletBachelors of Science Electrical Engineering                             Texas Tech University
bulletEmbedded Processor Design and Programming                     UCSD
                                                 Patents Pending      
bulletSystem for the Decontamination of Fluid Products Using Light                  
bulletLight Treatment Control in a Fluid Treatment System using Light for the Treatment of Fluid Products
bulletLight Treatment Monitoring and Data Collection in a Fluid Treatment System using Light for the treatment of Fluid Products
bulletApparatus and Method for use in Triggering a Flash Lamp
   Patent Application in Process